HY Credit Company Limited (“HY Credit”) is a subsidiary of Henyep Development Holdings. Henyep Development Holdings was established in the 80's and has been serving customer for almost 27 years. HY Credit is an authorized money lender in Hong Kong. We are customer-oriented with clear business policies, focusing on mortgage loans, opening up and developing different mortgage structures and flexible repayment term. We strive to provide a fast liquidity for individuals and companies of different backgrounds with tailored repayments structures suited for each customer.

The members of HY Credit are experts in the mortgage industry. We have members who have worked in the banking industry or financial industry for many decades, with vast experience and knowledge in both the personal and mortgage loan area. Our mortgage team aims to provide clients with tailored mortgage proposals placing an emphasis in solving client's cash flow problems in the shortest time possible.



HY CREDIT mortgage loans will provide you with cash flow resolutions and to help you during hard times. HY Credit looks to build a "Better Tomorrow" with you and to create a success for you in the future.


HY Credit mother company is Henyep Development Holdings. Henyep Development Holdings is one of the oldest financial services companies in Hong Kong. Founded in the mid 1970's, the company was originally engaged in commodities trading in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Today, we continue to further develop our expertise in capital markets trading with over 25 years of operational history. Over the years, the Group businesses have enjoyed success in numerous fields and the Henyep name now brands operations across a range of financial markets & services.

Today, the Group, under the leadership of its professional management, has diversified to become a dynamic conglomerate spanning the industries of finance, property, manufacturing & education. The Group continues to actively pursue projects in these areas globally.

Through its operating subsidiaries, Henyep in evolved in capital markets trading globally, IPO's, Underwriting, Mezzanine Financing and various business development initiatives in the Greater China region. With strong expertise and management, the Henyep Group is constantly improving and re-inventing the way we serve our dedicated client base.

The Group has a long history of success in property development, both under its own portfolio and through joint-venture operations. Recent projects include the award-winning Minxing Financial Tower development in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, a joint venture with one of the largest state banks, the China Construction Bank.

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 No limit Mortgage Loan, up to 80% of property value, no borrowing ceiling.


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