Massive support for a large project

... | Read more | Mr. Ho is a director of the BVI offshore company. The company holds five residential properties and car parking spaces in Hong Kong, with a total value of approximately HK$130,000,000. The company was planning to develop a real estate project on the Mainland, and needed HK$50,000,000 in short-term liquidity. Mr. Ho was referred to HY Credit by his...

A Short-Term Cash Flow Needed for Building Maintenance, An Easier Lending Method - Personal Loans (Net Interest)

... | Read more | Mrs. Wong needs some money urgently because she has been recently required to do a building maintenance for her property. Unfortunately, Mrs. Wong is only a housewife and she is unable to provide any income proof for loan application

After Mortgage Loan, Renovation Loan Is Also Acceptable!

... | Read more | The newlywed Mr. and Mrs. Chan bought a flat recently and needed some money for renovation. Mr. Chan’s has a time deposit, but will be due after 12 months. He consequently applied a personal loan from HY Credit for renovation use. After

A Helping Hand For Business Finance

... | Read more | Mr. and Mrs. Wong manage an electronics goods factory for years, at the year end, they received an order that requires an expand of equipment and manual. Through a recommendation of their friend, the couple decided to apply for a property loan. HY Credit not only granted their needed amount, but also analyzed their situation and clear out Mr....

Repaying Credit Card Bills by Mortgage Loan, A New Effortless Paying Method!

... | Read more | Mr. Hung has got a few credit cards from different banks and has long been paying the minimum payment, his credit cards debt has gradually accumulated. Mr. Hung managed to apply personal loan to clear the debt, but the bank only approved